Dunedin Homes For Sale

Dunedin Homes For Sale

A touch of the Highlands in Pinellas County

“Quaint” is a good way to describe the village of Dunedin, and its’ unique qualities are what make Dunedin homes for sale so desirable. One of the oldest towns in Florida, it was settled before the Civil War when Richard Garrison was awarded a land grant for this region in 1852. The fledgling settlement was later dubbed Jonesboro by George Jones, the owner of the local mercantile and general store. The town was incorporated in 1899, partially due to the need to control feral Spanish hogs running wild in the community. Two Scotsmen, James Somerville and J.O. Douglas applied to create a post office for the village, and decided to name the town Dunedin, from the Gaelic Dùn Èideann, the name of Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland.

Enterprising locals built a long pier that could accommodate larger ships and schooners, and Dunedin quickly became an important seaport. For some time, Dunedin was home to the largest fleet of sailing vessels in Florida. Exports of citrus and cotton fueled the local economy; in fact, most of what is now Dunedin was once cotton fields. Today, Dunedin has one of the finest municipal marinas on the West Coast, and has grown into a thriving small town. Dunedin has also maintained its ties to Scotland and Scottish traditions, and hosts the Dunedin Highland Games every spring. You don’t have to be Scottish to investigate Dunedin homes for sale- but it doesn’t hurt!

Honeymoon & Caladesi Islands

Livin' on island time

Head west across the Dunedin Causeway and you will find yourself on Honeymoon Island, a Florida State Park with a four mile stretch of incredible beach, and a section of dog friendly beach, too. There is a three mile trail that takes you through, raw, untouched Fllorida wilderness and an amazing array of local fauna. Catch the ferry for a ride over to Caladesi Island, the #1 Beach in North America! Dr. Stephen Leatherman, aka Dr. Beach, announced Caladesi Island State Park as having the best beach in America. Alternately, you can come by boat and anchor offshore, or in the Caladesi Marina. Here you will find three miles of unspoiled Florida beach and slash pine wilderness, an absolute gem on the Gulf Coast of Florida. There are some modern conveniences; restrooms and showers are available, as well as shaded picnic areas, shaded pavilions, and concessions, but the fishing is great, as is the shelling, and there are three miles of nature trails to explore.


Relaxed, casual living

Part of Dunedin’s unique charm is that it has somehow remained “small town” while the rest of Pinellas County exploded with growth all around it. People seeking this slower-paced lifestyle appreciate this quality when looking at Dunedin homes for sale. Downtown is very walkable, and you won’t see a lot of neon signs and chain restaurants here; small business reigns supreme in this downtown. The 38 mile Pinellas Trail cuts through downtown Dunedin, following the path of the train spur that transported local citrus and cotton for northern markets. The former train station is now the Dunedin Historical Society and Museum, and is packed with photos and artifacts of Dunedin’s rich history. The district is filled with art galleries, uniques eateries, craft breweries, antiques shops, and just blocks away are the Dunedin Municipal Marina and beautiful Edgewater Park.

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