Seminole Homes For Sale

Seminole homes for sale

A great place to raise a family

Seminole is a bedroom community in the heart of Pinellas County, and people looking at Seminole homes for sale are typically looking for a good place to raise a family. The University of Florida’s Bureau of Economic and Business Research determined that the fastest growing age group is the 25-44 year old demographic, i.e., people in the family-raising demographic. Seminole has population of roughly 18,000 people, and its’ central location puts residents just minutes away from the beach, or the cities of Largo, Clearwater, Pinellas Park, and St. Petersburg. There are good schools in the area, taxes and crime are low, and approximately 74% of Seminole residents own their home, rather than rent. People looking for Seminole homes for sale will find that single family homes dominate this market, though there are some condos, townhomes, and villas available, and a few homes with a half acre or more, suitable for keeping horses.

Its’ major geographic landmark is of course, Lake Seminole, a long, narrow lake covering some 700 acres. It was originally a tidal estuary, but was artificially created in the 1940’s by cutting off the northern end of Long Bayou. Seminole also boast some beautiful golf courses, including Bardmoor Golf and Country Club, Seminole Lake Country Club, and several others. Couple txt with fast access to the beaches and all the opportunities for boating and other water sports, and you’ll understand why Seminole homes for sale are in such high demand.


Convenience and good schools

While Seminole may be a little lacking in cultural spots like museums and large entertainment venues, its’ central location makes you just minutes away from the beaches, nearby cities, and quick access to the main travel arteries in Pinellas County. Another thing that makes Seminole homes for sale so attractive for families are the great schools in this area, many A-rated. Beyond public schools, there are also a number of excellent charter, private, and religious options available. Among the standouts in public schools according to are Bauder Elementary School (Pre-K, Kg to 5th), Orange Grove Elementary School (Pre-K, Kg to 5th), and Osceola Fundamental High School (9-12), a public magnet school. Other excellent schools include St. Petersburg Collegiate High School (9-12), a public charter school, and Clearwater Fundamental Middle School (6-8), a highly rated, public, magnet school.


Spend a day at the lake

Lake Seminole park is located on the eastern shore of Lake Seminole. and it is open year round to allow access to the lake. This 250 acre park is popular with families and nature lovers, and features a two mile nature trail as well as volleyball courts, a softball field, and children’s playgrounds. Lake Seminole Park is also a favorite among boaters, fishermen, jet skiers, and kayakers. Benches and covered picnic areas are placed at strategic points along the lake to allow folks to take in the scenery in comfort. This park is also a nature sanctuary, and it is common to spot bald eagles, osprey, hawks, turtles, raccoons, possums, and yes, even alligators here. If you love the woods and the outdoors, consider Seminole homes for sale for quick and easy access to this idyllic lakefront park. And don’t miss out on the other parks Seminole has to offer- Seminole City Park, Blossom Lake Park, Tennis Club Park, and Waterfront Park are all beautiful.


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